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  • Adj.




Despite the fact that my kid brother is twenty-five years old, he is still naive or too trusting in his interactions with people. Just the other day my naive and simple brother gave fifty dollars to some guy simply because he said that he needed it, and my brother believed him. Someday his naive and unsuspecting nature, which some people take advantage of, is going to really get him into trouble.

Quiz: How would you describe someone who is naive?

  • She has many children, and delights in their wonder about the world.
  • He sometimes wishes that he were a child, and could live in a simple fashion like a child does.
  • She lacks worldly experience and so acts as if she doesn’t know the consequences of some actions.

Memory Hook

Knives A naive person would even trust someone who carries around knives.


  • I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing. — Johnny Carson Johnny carson
  • Foolish and naive it might have been at that time but really quite harmless, as indeed the talks came to be viewed when the texts were later studied. —BNET
  • The critics who have protested this foray into Cuba say the Orioles and Major League Baseball are naive in thinking that their Sunday afternoon date in Havana is only a game. —Sports Illustrated
  • One of the first things that, in that very naive way, you attempted to deal with were the kind of funny, swinging, London-type things that were going on. —Rolling Stone

Word Ingredients

nat be born

The phrase “born yesterday” could easily describe a naive person since they don’t know things they should, as if they were very young.

Word Theater

Bourne Supremacy He cannot believe that she is that naive.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

naiveté n the condition of being too trusting